Monday, November 14, 2011

JGSGO November Program Announcement "Hot Tips & Tools for Your Genealogy"

Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Orlando Proudly Presents
Featured Speaker Tom Hirsch

November 14, 2011 - Orlando, FL. The Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Orlando (JGSGO) proudly presents featured Speaker of the Month, Tom Hirsch. The topic he will present is "Hot Tips & Tools for Your Genealogy."

Tom will cover a variety of topics that will not only provide useful tips to help find important pieces of your family history, but also how to make certain you can preserve and share the irreplaceable material that you find. Tips and tools being discussed include: useful genealogy websites; using flatbed scanners; using digital cameras to photograph old materials; how to convert negatives to photos; how to photo stitch; how to network with genealogists, organizations, and family members; and attending genealogy conferences. After the meeting, Tom will make available digital files to share. In order to receive a copy, bring a flash drive.

Tom Hirsch has been a member of the JGSGO since January 2010 and currently is a member of the JGSGO Board of Directors and Vice President of Membership.

As an added feature, Marlis Humphrey, JGSGO Board of Directors and Vice President of Programs, will demonstrate how to register for and navigate on our new JGSGO blog, how to complete our on-line Membership Survey, and how to participate in the JGSGO Surname Database Project.

JGSGO President, Jerry Kurland, will also announce our new partnership and Pilot Program. The goals of the Pilot Program are: to expand accessibility of JGSGO genealogical research education to residents in the southwestern Orlando area and to those who typically are occupied during weekday business hours.

DATE:             Tuesday, November 29, 2011
TIME:              2:00 P.M.
LOCATION:    Congregation of Reform Judaism, Mini-Sanctuary Room, 928 Malone Dr., Orlando, 32910
FREE:             Open to the public
FOR INFO:     J. Kurland 407-682-7799

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