Wednesday, October 26, 2011

JGSGO's Own Edith Schulman Given Award by Hadassah

Edith Schulman, past president of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Orlando (JGSGO), was presented the National Leadership award from the Rashona-Chaverot group of the Orlando Chapter of Hadassah in October.

Edith and her family came to Orlando in 1958.  She immediately joined  Hadassah where she served in many offices.  She became president of the organization in 1964, serving for two years.  Sometime later when the Chapter split into two group, Edith was again active, eventually becoming the co-president for the Rashona-Chaverot group.

She always says that her first and last places of employment were with Jewish groups.  She began working for the Jewish Federation/JCC in 1971 where she remained for five years.  Meanwhile, she became chairman of the Women Committee, raising money for the brand new JCC.

While still working, Edith went to UCF and received her degree in journalism.  This worked out just fine when Heritage Florida Jewish News asked her to be Editor of the paper.  She did that for 12 years.

In 1991 Edith became interested in genealogy, and joined this group.  As she always does, Edith got active in the group and served for three years as its president.

“To live in Orlando has been a joy," she says, with her husband by her side.  "We have raised a son and daughter here.  Both still live in Florida.”

Note: Edith continued her leadership in JGSGO, and the rewards have been many.  With just a little more work her book will be finished for her children and grandchildren.  Many exciting genealogy events happened along the way.  Her journey began with a call from an unknown cousin in Israel.  Along the way, a hidden dresser was discovered in a wall of the house where Edith grew up.  The owner was kind enough to send her 27 pounds of wonderful "stuff" to add to her book.  "Never give up," Edith said.

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