Sunday, September 25, 2011

JGSGO Nominating Committee - 2 Volunteers Needed

With all of the change initiatives undeway, it is imperative that the JGSGO has a strong leadership roster on the board of directors for 2012. We are seeking two current JGSGO members in good standing to volunteer to participate in the Nominating Committee.

The job of the committee is to prepare a list of at least one nominee who has agreed to serve for each office being vacated. A current board member will also participate on the Nominating Committee and will share ideas on how to identify potential board members that will aid our organization’s growth and improvements in member benefits and outreach into the greater Orlando Jewish community.

This list must be presented to the current JGSGO by November 1, 2011. This is a relatively SHORT TERM assignment. If interested, contact NO LATER THAN September 30th.

We also are soliciting recommendations for the nominating committee to consider. Please email those recommendations, why they would be good for the JGSGO, and their contact information to: .

Be a part of the team identifying and bringing the best people to help guide our society in 2012!

Wishing our Jewish members a sincere happy New Year, enriched by the blessings of peace, good health and a successful New Year.

P.S. Rae Wallen, We all are rooting for you on a successful recovery.

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