Sunday, September 25, 2011

Changes Underway at the JGSGO

The JGSGO Board of Directors has appointed three existing members to fill recently created vacancies on the board. We are excited to have this new energy working with us to improve our society for the remainder of the year. Please join us in welcoming new Board Members:

·         Helaine Blum, Production Editor, “Etz Chaim” Newsletter (Editor-in-Chief)
·         Tom Hirsch, V.P. Membership
·         Marlis Humphrey, V.P. Programs

Our full board officers and directors slate is posted on the About Us page of our new JGSGO blog.

THE BOARD wishes to thank the efforts and accomplishments of those board members/Officers, who have stepped down:  Namely, Dr. Raeburn Wallen, President, (due to medical reasons);  Marcie Wallen, Librarian;  Herb Adler, Production Editor, Etz Chaim Publication; Rikki Hanin, V.P. Membership; Jose Valle, Director; Edith Schulman, Director.

These are not the only changes underway at the JGSGO. Supercharged by attending the recent IAJGS in Washington, D.C. and learning what other JGSs are doing to provide increased value to their members, we have several initiatives underway:

The first change is the launch of the JGSGO blog and its planned replacement of the aging JGSGO Rootsweb website. How does the blog benefit you?

·         It is a place on the internet where you can always get the most current JGSGO news and information.
·         You can comment and provide feedback on the news and on other members’ comments.
·         You can easily search the site for older news items of interest.

For those of you who do not have experience with blogs or are unsure, we will be publishing a short overview of how to: register to follow the blog, comment on a blog posting,  and access the information resources on the blog. So far we have moved the existing assets from Rootsweb to our and have started to update and add to them. So going forward, is where you should go for the most current JGSGO news. Even if you do not want to or do not yet know how to become a follower of the blog, you can simply save this link in your browser bookmarks or favorites and return to it to read and comment on the latest JGSGO information.

We also are working on logistics for a six month pilot program to consider scheduling our monthly general meetings/programs on some Sunday afternoons and evenings@ 7:00 P.M. This should make our JGSGO programs more accessible to a wider audience. We hope to announce more specifics soon.

Our first Program Meeting will take place at (NOTE LOCATION CHANGE) The University Club of Winter Park - Ball Room (use Ramp Entrance on side of building off  parking lot) at 7:00 P.M. Wednesday, October 26, 2011.  Guest Speaker:

               Paul Enchelmayer. Notice/Flyer will be sent out to you shortly.

This is an exciting time for the JGSGO! Please be a part of the process. Let us know your thoughts on how the JGSGO can do a better job in helping those researching Jewish ancestry. Comment on our blog! Be a JGSGO volunteer! We have many tasks and projects, large and small, technical and non-technical, that need a hand. If interested, contact .

Let’s make 2012 the best year yet for Jewish genealogists in the greater Orlando area!

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